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Crimson Rosella
Platycercus elegans
Also known as the Mountain Lorry, this stunning rich crimson red bird is in abundance and often seen in numbers in the suburbs of some of our major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.
Like all rosellas it is very destructive to fuit crops.
In an aviary situation the bird is very aggressive to other males and will kill even their own young if they are not removed as they are fledged. This is common to all species, known as Broad Tails.
Turquoise Parrot
Neophema pulchella
The Neophema family are known as the grass parrots. There are six of this species, although the budgie is also called a grass parrot, it is a different species. Like all neophemas, they feed on seeds, grasses, berries and flowers.
They will sit quietly in the shade of a tree or shrub most of the day and venture out in the morning or afternoon.
They are not endangered. Nesting from August to December, they lay three to five eggs and the young leave the nest in about four weeks.
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