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Yellow Rosella
Platycercus flaveolus
Also known as Murray Smoker or the Murrumbidgee Rosella. These birds are at home along the banks of the major river system of the Murray and Murrumbidgee.
They are Riparian (river dwellers) in habitat and prefer cultivated fruit, but are not usually seen in large flocks attacking orchards.
Green Rosella (The Tasmanian Rosella)
Platycercus caledonicus
This bird is found only on the island of Tasmania and the smaller offshore islands. It is not endangered.
Unfortunately, like all of this family it is very fond of fruit and is a major pest for apple growers.
Regent Parrot
Polytelus anthopeplus
Known as the Smoker. Most likely this name came from the smokey green colour of the bird. which is just about the best camouflage in the bush. The habitat of this bird has changed considerably especially here in WA where it is quite scarce in the wheatbelt, but plentiful in the southwest. It feeds on seeds, nuts, fruit, blossom and grasses.
Fischer's Lovebird
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