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Musk Lorikeet
Glossopsitta concinna
These lorikeets are not endangered and are found from central Queensland all the way down to Tasmania and across to South Australia. They prefer timbered country where there are flowering trees and fruit.
The Musk Lorikeet feeds on pollen, nectar, blossom, fruit, berries and travel afar in search of flowering trees. but they are very destructive in orchards and attack corn crops to feed on the unripe milky seed.
Little Lorikeet
Glossopsitta pusilla
These Lorikeets are not endangered and are found all over Australia. They are often difficult to detect as they keep to the top of the tree canopy.
Little lorikeets are the smallest of our Lorikeets and weigh less than 50gm. They feed on pollen, nectar, blossom, fruit and berries. They do not eat seed.
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