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Pale Headed Rosella
Platycercus adscitus
There is also a sub species known as the Blue Cheeked Rosella, named for its more pronounced blue cheek patch. It is not endangered and is quite prolific in its habitat. Like all the rosellas it likes fruit, especially in orchards, but it eats all sorts of native nuts and seeds.
Nymphicus hollandicus
Also known as the Weero or in the Eastern States as the Quarrion. The species is not endangered and the bird is the smallest of the cockatoo family and is very popular as a pet.
They are renowned for their ability to whistle but they can also talk well and are extremely playful and affectionate. There are many colour mutations of this bird in the pet trade. However the other professionals only breed parrots as they are in the bush and as true to species as they can.
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