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Blue and Gold Macaw
Ara ararauna
Blue and Gold Macaws are one of the larger species of Macaw and can grow to about 86cm in length. As well as their striking blue and gold colouring these Macaws have tiny feather tracts on their faces, which is unique to each bird, just like a human finger-print.
Blue and Gold Macaws are found in central northern regions of South America. They are considered an endangered species due to the destruction of the rainforests and capturing of them for the illegal pet trade. In the wild the Macaws are found in pairs and small family groups. They like to fly close together with their wingtips almost touching.
They feed on nuts. seeds, fruit and vegetables. Blue and Gold Macaws are considered to be the most popular species due to their inquisitive and playful nature.
They are intelligent and can become good talkers. It is not advisable to put your fingers anywhere near their beaks!
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